Scope: ACAC is an annual meeting in Athens aiming to bring together researchers working in all areas of the theory of algorithms and computational complexity. It serves as a lively forum for presenting research results that are in a preliminary stage or have been recently accepted / presented in some major conference. The abstracts of the papers that will be presented will be available in informal proceedings. The language of the workshop is English.

Plenary Speakers:

Registration: The registration is free of charge but compulsory for administration purposes and also for being able to login and attend the lectures (registered participants will receive a password a couple of days before the colloquium for logging into the virtual environment). Hence, we would like to ask all people who plan to attend, to register preferably by August 5th, so that we have a good estimate of the participation level (which may in turn affect the setup of the virtual environment that we will use).

Contributions: Participants interested in giving a presentation should register, providing a tentative title and a short abstract, no later than August 1st. The organizers will make every possible effort so that all interested participants present their work (subject to scheduling constraints).

Topics of interest: Included, but not limited to:

Organizing Committee: Dimitris Fotakis, Evangelos Markakis, Aris Pagourtzis, Stathis Zachos, Vassilis Zissimopoulos.

Local Arrangements: Evangelos Markakis, Georgios Papasotiropoulos, Artem Tsikiridis.


Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation

Athens University of
Economics and Business
Department of Informatics

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ACAC '20 took place on 27-28 August. We thank all speakers and participants! You can find recordings of the colloquium here. Here's a live snapshot of some of the participants. See you all next year!



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