Vangelis Markakis

Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)


Short Bio: I received my bachelor's degree in 2000 from NTUA, the National Technical University of Athens and then moved to Georgia Tech for graduate studies. I graduated from Georgia Tech in August 2005 with a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science. My advisor was Richard Lipton. After that I was a postdoc for one and a half year at the University of Toronto, and for another one and a half year at CWI, the national research center for Math and Computer Science in Amsterdam. Since February 2009, I have been a faculty member at the Athens University of Economics and Business, in the department of Informatics.

Research interests: My interests lie in the areas of Analysis of Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Social Networks. A major part of my work in the last few years has focused on algorithmic questions that arise in the context of Game Theory and Economics, such as (i) computation of equilibria, and other solution concepts in cooperative and noncooperative games, and (ii) resource allocation and related optimization problems (e.g. allocations of indivisible goods in auctions or fair division contexts). In addition to algorithmic issues, I have also been interested in mechanism design aspects of auctions and voting procedures as well as in game theoretic treatments of coalition formation.

Apart from algorithmic game theory, I am generally interested in algorithms, combinatorial optimization and discrete mathematics.

My resume (last update: September 2023)