I have worked as a research assistant in the following projects:

  • BioQA (2014-15): Biomedical Question Answering (AUEB Research Support Program).
  • LangTERRA (2014-15): Enhancing the Research Potential of ILSP/"Athena" R.C. in Language Technology in the European Research ERA (European FP7-REGPOT project).
  • BioASQ (2012-14): "A challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering" (European FP7 ICT project).
  • INDIGO (2007-09): "Interaction with mobile robots that have personalities and support multimodal dialogues" (European FP6 IST project).

My Ph.D. research was funded by the National PENED project (2006-2008): "Combined research in the areas of information retrieval, natural language processing, and user modeling aiming at the development of advanced search engines for document collections".