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Welcome to the third


Saturday May 9, 2015

Math Dept, University of Athens



We wish to thank all the participants for making the meeting so successful, and the speakers for their wonderful presentations. Some pictures from the three talks can be found here.



Following the success of the first and second APrOC meetings, we are again organizing this year’s one-day event, centered around three top-quality talks in probability and its interface with other active areas of current research activity. The main aim is to bring together all near-Athens-based researchers in probability and related areas of mathematics and applications.


All interested faculty, post-docs and students are welcome and are encouraged to attend


The talks are intended for a general (math/stat) audience and will be accessible to students without particular expertise in the specific areas of the topics discussed. Also, there will be ample time for free interaction and discussion between the participants.


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All talks will take place in room AMΦ24, on the 2nd floor of the Mathematics Dept building on the University of Athens campus [map]. A collection of campus maps together with information on how to get there can be found here.


On Saturday, May 9, 2015



Amir Dembo

(Stanford University)

Statistical Mechanics on Sparse Random Graphs: Mathematical Perspective



coffee break

coffee break


Alexandros Beskos


Sequential Monte Carlo methods: some Developments and Applications






   Agelos Georgakopoulos

(University of Warwick)

Group Walk Random Graphs



After the last talk, there will be another coffee break to wrap up, get yet another chance to chat and say goodbye.


Arrangements for coffee and refreshments will be made locally by the organizers. Lunch will be provided at the University Cafeteria, at a cost of 3 euro per person.


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Amir Dembo is a professor with the Departments of Statistics and Mathematics at Stanford University, and is currently serving as the Editor of Probability Theory and Related Fields. He has very broad interests in probability and its applications, and is a co-author of the influential text Large Deviations Techniques and Applications.


Alexandros Beskos is Senior Lecturer in Statistics at University College London. His research interests include methodology, analysis and applications of Markov chain Monte Carlo and Sequential Monte Carlo methods.


Agelos Georgakopoulos received his PhD in mathematics (infinite topological graph theory) from the University of Hamburg in 2007. After postdoc positions at Hamburg and Graz, and shorter collaborations with Ottawa, Geveva and the Weizmann Institute, he has been an assistant professor at the University of Warwick since 2012.



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There is NO registration fee and everyone interested is welcome to participate. But we ask, for planning purposes, that you please let us know that you plan to attend by sending an email to one of the three organizers


Dimitris Cheliotis (ΕΚΠΑ)

Ioannis Kontoyiannis (ΟΠΑ)

Michalis Loulakis (ΕΜΠ)


or, preferably, to:


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