I. Kontoyiannis' Ph.D. Geneaology


[thanks to Vince Poor for compiling most of this]




o   Ioannis KONTOYIANNIS (Stanford EE 1998)

o   Thomas Merrill COVER (Stanford EE 1964)

o   Norman Manuel ABRAMSON (Stanford EE 1958)

o   Willis W. HARMAN (Stanford EE 1948)

o   Karl Ralph SPANGENBERG (Ohio State EE 1938)

o   William Littell EVERITT (Ohio State Physics 1933)

o   Frederick Columbus BLAKE (Columbia Physics 1906)

o   Ernest Fox NICHOLS (Cornell Physics 1897)

o   Edward Leamington NICHOLS (Gottingen Physics 1879)

o   Johann Benedikt LISTING (Gottingen 1834)

o   Johann Carl Friedrich GAUSS (Gottingen 1799)

  The rest of the history is well documented; see, e.g., [here]