Ioannis KONTOYIANNIS (Stanford EE 1998)

     Thomas Merrill COVER (Stanford EE 1964)

     Norman Manuel ABRAMSON (Stanford EE 1958)

     Willis W. HARMAN (Stanford EE 1948)

     Karl Ralph SPANGENBERG (Ohio State EE 1938)

     William Littell EVERITT (Ohio State Physics 1933)

     Frederick Columbus BLAKE (Columbia Physics 1906)

     Ernest Fox NICHOLS (Cornell Physics 1897)

     Edward Leamington NICHOLS (Gottingen Physics 1879)

     Johann Benedikt LISTING (Gottingen 1834)

     Johann Carl Friedrich GAUSS (Gottingen 1799)

o   The rest of the history is well documented; see, e.g., [here]

o   With thanks to [Vince Poor] for compiling most of this