Kontoyiannis: Awards, distinctions, grants

Partial list below; a complete list is included [here]

IEEE Fellow

Elevated to the grade of Fellow in 2011

“For contributions to data compression”


European Community Grants

FP7: Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF)

Project title: Control Variates for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Variance Reduction

Award amount: ~Euro 200,000; 2009-2011


          Thales Grants

Participant in three and principal investigator in one of the programs under the Operational  Program  Education  and  Lifelong Learning  of  the  National  Strategic  Reference  Framework  through  the  Research  Funding  Program  Thales-Investing  in  Knowledge  Society through the European Social Fund

i.             CROWN: Optimal Control of Self-Organized Wireless Networks

ii.            DISCO: Distributed Wireless Communications

iii.           SWINCOM: Secure Wireless Non-Linear Communications at the Physical Layer

Duration of projects: 2012-2015

Total amount awarded: ~Euro 1,800,000

AUEB Grants

Athens University of Economics & Business "Basic Research" (PEVE) grant

Project title: Simulation, Computational Learning and Hypothesis Testing

Award amount: ~Euro 10,000; 2009-2010

Honorary Master of Arts Degree, Ad Eundem

Awarder by Brown University, May 2005

Sloan Research Fellowship

Awarded February 2004

Manning Assistant Professorship

Endowed Assistant professorship, Brown Univesity.

Awarded October 2002


Project title: Efficient Lossy Data Compression Via Statistical Model Selection

NSF grant # 0073378-CCR

PI: Ioannis Kontoyiannis


Project title: Development of Statistical Methodology for Agricultural Genomics

USDA-IFAFS grant # 00-52100-9615

PI: Rebecca W. Doerge; Co-PIs: Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Lauren M. McIntyre

Teaching Award

Teaching for Tomorrow Award, received Spring 2000

Annual Purdue University teaching award, which recognizes "faculty members for their commitment to and accomplishments in teaching and student learning."